Smile and Beauty Evaluations

checkup 2Our Smile and Beauty Evaluation goes a step above any regular oral exam you may have experienced in the past. Dr. Michael Kosdon, our Beverly Hills and New York cosmetic dentist and inventor of the Smile Facelift®, truly believes in the transformative qualities that a beautiful smile can create. He knows first-hand that a renewed smile can have a significant effect on one’s life and self-confidence: Dr. Kosdon had his own smile transformation years ago to correct a number of dental problems, and he hasn’t stopped smiling since! With a new smile, Dr. Kosdon believes that what you have on the inside can now be free for everyone around you to see.

Dr. Kosdon will evaluate your entire physical appearance so you can attain a beautiful new smile that successfully meets your needs. He places listening and communication with his patients as one of his top priorities, and sincerely wants to get to know you and understand your specific goals. Together, you and Dr. Kosdon will collaborate on a customized treatment plan that can transform your life through your smile.

Smile and Beauty Evaluations Process

There are two steps to our Smile and Beauty Evaluations Process. During the first step, Dr. Kosdon will physically examine your gums, teeth, and bite. Both of you will talk about the condition of your teeth and address any dental problems that may have developed.

The next step is your beauty (or aesthetic) evaluation. Dr. Kosdon will carefully analyze your facial symmetry, bone structure, lips, hair and skin color, as well as other elements about your appearance. The Golden Proportion, which involves certain principles that can enhance your level of beauty by measuring the width and ratio of your facial features, may also be used during your evaluation. Since very attractive people are known to have symmetrical faces, taking the Golden Proportion into account can ultimately improve your cosmetic dentistry results. Dr. Kosdon celebrates the unique beauty in all of his patients. That’s why he works tirelessly to customize treatment and craft a winning smile, just for you, that can enhance your overall appearance.

Once your facial composition is documented, Dr. Kosdon will make an expert decision about the color tint, size, shape, and length of your new teeth. Dr. Kosdon understands how all of these factors combined can dramatically affect your beauty. He will talk with you further about your smile goals, and the results you are hoping for so you can receive a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

After your Smile and Beauty Evaluation is finished, Dr. Kosdon will create a personalized treatment plan, specially developed to improve the health and appearance of your teeth, compliment your features, and enhance your overall image.

Below are some popular cosmetic dentistry treatments you may discuss during your Smile and Beauty Evaluation:

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