Fighting Your Fear of the Dentist: The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

sedation-300x157Anxiety about dental treatment is nothing to be ashamed of; in fact, millions of Americans have some degree of fear when they think about visiting the dentist. The problem is that many people who have dental phobia do not get the treatment they need, which can lead to the significant deterioration of oral health and even risks to one’s overall health. Here at the practice of Dr. Michael Kosdon, we want our patients to feel as comfortable as possible so they can attain the dental care they need. With that in mind, Dr. Kosdon offers a range of advanced sedation dentistry techniques that can help individuals experience a virtually pain-free – even pleasant – treatment experience.

Fear of dental treatment can be brought on by a variety of issues, including:

Sedation dentistry can alleviate these common fears and anxieties. The oral conscious sedation technique – one of the more popular options at our practice – involves a small pill taken before your procedure. This pill should make you feel extremely relaxed; however, you will not be totally unconscious. While you will still be able to talk to Dr. Kosdon and members of our dental team during your treatment, oral conscious sedation makes it possible for you to undergo the entire procedure without experiencing discomfort.

Dr. Kosdon also offers I-V sedation for longer, more complex treatments and for those who suffer from very high levels of anxiety. This option will likely put you into a sleeping state during the procedure.

If you would rather have a milder form of sedation than the options noted above, nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”) may be ideal for your needs. Nitrous oxide is typically breathed in through the nose during treatment. The solution can give you a very relaxed feeling throughout the procedure. Once the procedure is complete, the effects of nitrous oxide usually wear off very quickly.

Patients who opt for nitrous oxide are typically able to drive themselves home after the appointment. Those who have oral conscious sedation or I-V sedation will need to arrange for a loved one to drive them to and from the office since these options will create a lingering feeling of drowsiness right after treatment.

Dr. Kosdon strongly believes in the connection between good oral health and good overall health, and aims to provide all of our patients with the most comfortable treatment experience possible. If you have questions about our sedation dentistry options, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kosdon, please contact us today.

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