Can I Afford Dental Implants?

indexDental implants can be a permanent way to replace missing teeth. Once securely placed and fitted with a customized crown, dental implants can not only look and feel natural, they can also improve your ability to bite, chew, and speak. Additionally, they require no additional maintenance aside from routine brushing and flossing.

The cost of dental implants can vary depending on a variety of different factors, including the number of dental implants you may need. During your consultation, our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Michael Kosdon, will assess your needs and goals as well as carefully examine your jawbone density to determine if this treatment is right for you. If you are considered a good candidate, he will give you an estimate of what your dental implants are likely to cost.

If you are interested in financing options, Dr. Kosdon and our friendly staff will work with you to create a payment plan that best fits your budget. We can also call your dental insurance provider to find out if they will cover some of the expense of your procedure. Regardless of the cost, it’s important to remember that dental implants are one of the most effective and longest-lasting tooth replacement options available.

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