What is Holistic and Mercury-Free Dentistry?

1 %2834%29Holistic and mercury-free dentistry take into account the comprehensive effect that dental treatments, procedures, and materials have on the patient and the greater environment. When holistic and mercury-free dentistry practices are followed, the primary goal of treatment is improving the whole health of the patient without damaging the environment. At the dental practice of Dr. Michael Kosdon, we deliver effective, “green” dental care that is always environmentally safe and free of harmful toxins and hazardous materials.

Patient Health

In keeping with our commitment to our patients’ health, we offer services to replace metal amalgam fillings (which contain mercury) with strong, composite tooth-colored fillings that are absolutely mercury and toxin-free. The newer composite fillings also last longer, in addition to looking and functioning better than their amalgam counterparts. You can always count on Dr. Kosdon and our team to provide safe, effective dental care that does not sacrifice the quality of results.

Green Office

Our office runs and operates in accordance with fundamental green principles which dictate that we continue to actively reduce our consumption of resources and find ways to limit waste output. To accomplish these goals, we have made the following upgrades and changes to our office:

We are always looking for more ways to improve our practice and the services we provide to reflect our awareness of and respect for our earth and the individuals in it.

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