What Are the Benefits of Mercury-Free Dentistry?


Amalgam (metal or silver) fillings have been used to restore damaged teeth for about 150 years. While many studies have been conducted about the safety of these amalgam fillings, the FDA concluded in 2009 that they are safe for all patients older than six years of age. However, many groups remain skeptical about the mercury content in amalgam fillings and tooth-colored fillings have consequently risen in popularity.

At our practice, Dr. Michael Kosdon uses tooth-colored fillings as a mercury-free alternative to amalgam fillings for a number of additional reasons beyond safety concerns. Tooth-colored fillings are considered to be stronger than amalgam fillings, providing a more durable solution to reinforcing a tooth after decay. Since the color of the filling can be made to match the color of the natural tooth, the results are inconspicuous and can therefore blend seamlessly with the rest of the smile. Finally, mercury-free dentistry does not produce waste that can be harmful to the environment, making tooth-colored fillings a “green” alternative to amalgam.

In addition to tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Kosdon also offers all-ceramic, metal-free Zirconia dental implants which offer maximum aesthetic value and strength.

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