Holistic and Mercury-Free Dentistry

DrKosdonOfficeChairIn keeping with our commitment to protecting patient health and the environment, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Kosdon utilizes holistic and mercury-free dentistry methods to eliminate waste and toxins from several aspects of our practice. Our dedication to incorporating holistic techniques allows us to deliver exemplary patient care and quality dentistry with fewer health risks and less impact on the environment.

Mercury-Free Dentistry

Traditionally, metal amalgam materials containing mercury – a substance known to be toxic even in small quantities – have been used to fill cavities. Many have raised concerns about the safety of these fillings, claiming they may have the potential to seep mercury into the body and impact overall health. Fortunately, tooth-colored fillings composed of composite-resin can provide a safer, stronger, more attractive alternative to out-dated metal amalgam. Dr. Kosdon uses only mercury-free composite-resin materials to fill cavities, which reduces the possibility of detrimental toxins harming patients. Tooth-colored fillings do not expand and contract the way amalgam-based fillings do and  can deliver durable, natural-looking results that reinforce tooth structure and keeping smiles bright.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays have eliminated hazardous waste and reduced radiation exposure associated with conventional x-ray systems. At our practice, all of our x-ray and imaging systems are digital and do not require the use of any film or chemical developers. In addition to helping the environment, digital x-rays emit approximately 90 percent less radiation, which is safer for our staff and patients. Most importantly, digital x-rays produce instantaneous, high-definition results, facilitating faster treatment times and more accurate diagnoses.

Green Office

We do all we can to reduce waste and conserve energy throughout our practice. Our office is paperless, which means the majority of our forms, appointment schedules, x-rays, photos, and records are digital, dramatically reducing paper waste. Digital records are also more organized and efficient, making it easy to access, reference, and update your files.

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