Implant Dentures & All-On-4®

For individuals who want to upgrade from removable dentures or those searching for the best  method for replacing all or most of their teeth, Dr. Michael Kosdon offers fully customized implant denture procedures. Using a variety of advanced techniques and methods, Dr. Kosdon and his dental implant specialists work hand-in-hand to create supported dentures that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. When you choose Dr. Kosdon for implant dentures you benefit from his expertise in dental aesthetics, high-quality ceramic materials, and smile design.

What Are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures are full arches of replacement teeth secured in the mouth by dental implants. The dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone and allowed to heal until they fuse with the bone tissue. These implants act as anchors, holding and stabilizing the denture for optimal fit, feel, function, and aesthetics. Unlike removable dentures, which rely on suction and/or adhesives to remain in position, implant dentures are fixed in place. This helps eliminate slips, discomfort, and insecurity, while allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods without worry. There are many different implant denture techniques that Dr. Kosdon and the implant specialists he works with use to create custom teeth replacement solutions, and the right approach for you depends upon the results of a comprehensive evaluation.

What Types of Implant Dentures Are There?

As implant dentures continue to gain in popularity, patients considering the procedure have become more aware of the various techniques dentists offer. Different types of dental implants, implant placement plans, denture prosthetics, and bone grafting procedures can be used to overcome unique dental challenges and create long-lasting results. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to implant dentures. Any skilled implant dentist and/or cosmetic dentist understands that the most suitable approach for each implant denture candidate is a highly personalized treatment plan. Included below are a few of the most common techniques you may hear or read about:


One of the approaches with the greatest name recognition is the All-On-4 technique, which is commonly referred to as “teeth-in-a-day”. This patented method employs four dental implants per denture, with two implants placed at the front of the jaw and two placed in back (angled toward the front). While this technique is widely advertised as a “same-day” procedure, these claims may not be entirely accurate at face value. Any dental implant procedure that is performed properly usually requires a period of healing to ensure the implants have fully fused with the bone tissue before designing, crafting, and attaching the final dentures. In some cases “mini” dental implants that require less invasive surgery and reduced healing time may be used for this procedure.


Whereas All-On-4 requires four dental implants to secure a full-arch of replacement teeth, the All-On-6 technique includes the placement of six dental implants. These additional implants provide enhanced stability and security, as well as help to preserve more bone density (by preventing bone atrophy). It is possible that even five, seven, or eight dental implants may be recommended per full-arch based on the unique needs, goals, and budget of the patient.

Full Mouth Restoration

When a full mouth restoration is performed with implant dentures, this means that all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaw are replaced. Each full-arch is secured using as many dental implants as Dr. Kosdon and his implant specialist think are necessary. For some patients, four dental implants per arch may provide adequate support, while other patients may prefer the added stability of eight dental implants per arch. Factors that help determine the appropriate number of dental implants can include the patient’s current jawbone volume/density, oral health/anatomy, budget, priorities, and goals.

What Happens During the Implant Denture Procedure?

The implant denture procedure is typically performed in phases and is a joint effort between Dr. Kosdon, the implant specialists he works with, and his master ceramist. While Dr. Kosdon is responsible for the design and placement of the full-arch dentures, the implant specialist plans and performs the implant surgery, and the master ceramist crafts (and adjusts) the dentures according to Dr. Kosdon’s specifications. When all remaining teeth have been removed, any oral health challenges have been overcome, and the jawbone is in good condition, implant surgery can be performed. This procedure most often includes a combination of sedation and local anesthetic for the comfort of the patient. During surgery, the dental implant posts are placed into the jawbone according to a detailed surgical plan. As the implants heal, they are designed to fuse with the bone tissue through a process called osseointegration. Fully healed implants are then fitted with abutments, which allow the custom dentures to be fastened into position. When the dentures arrive from the lab, Dr. Kosdon checks the appearance, fit, and bite to deliver an optimal outcome. If any small changes need to be made, Dr. Kosdon is available to see that the dentures can be adjusted properly for long-lasting comfort and natural-looking aesthetics.

How Much Do Implant Dentures and All-On-4® Cost?

The overall cost for dental implants and implant dentures can vary widely based on the details of your treatment plan. According to national cost data, the average price for quality implant dentures can be between approximately $25,000 and $35,000 per arch; however, your treatment could cost significantly more or less depending on your unique needs, where your implant dentist is located, the proposed approach, and the chosen materials. Whether you decide on the All-On-4 method or another technique, the estimate for your treatment must be calculated on an individual basis following a consultation and take into consideration the following factors:

When you receive your quote, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the procedure, pricing, scheduling, payment options, and financing. Our knowledgeable office team can expertly handle your inquiries, process payments, and present you with helpful information regarding third-party financing options, if desired. Patients frequently explore dental financing through CareCredit® as a way to make payment more budget-friendly and convenient. Qualified applicants can take advantage of a wide range of affordable loans and structured payment plans.

Do you have questions about implant dentures, All-On-4, and other tooth replacement options we offer? We welcome you to contact our practice to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kosdon and explore your options for a beautiful new smile.