Can Porcelain Veneers Lengthen Short Teeth?


Relatively healthy teeth that appear short or worn down can often be transformed with the placement of custom porcelain veneers. The porcelain veneers designed and placed by cosmetic dentist Michael Kosdon, DDS are typically very thin shells of high-quality ceramic material. A veneer is bonded to the front side of each tooth to conceal its appearance and present a new facade that is longer and often more optimally shaped. The color and alignment of each tooth can also be improved with porcelain veneers.

For some patients, porcelain veneers are combined with cosmetic gum recontouring, which removes excess gingival tissue with a state-of-the-art dental laser. The recontouring of the gums can reveal more of the tooth body to improve the gum-to-tooth ratio. Ideally, patients with short or worn teeth are able to achieve smiles that are better balanced, more proportional, and more symmetrical as a result of Dr. Kosdon’s porcelain veneer treatment plans.

For more on improving the appearance of short teeth with porcelain veneers, we encourage you to visit our sister website to read the full blog on this topic.

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